Immunity Boosters Bundle

Immunity Boosters Bundle

This 3-pack bundle supplies key nutritional building blocks for a healthy immune system.

  • Shrink-wrapped bundle includes Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 5000 and Zinc, along with suggested use.

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Bundle Includes:

Vitamin C (90 tablets) - Clinically proven and patented form of vitamin C that is rapidly absorbed, plus citrus bioflavonoids for enhanced effectiveness. Vitamin C supports a diverse range of bodily functions, including immune system stimulation and defense.  

Vitamin D3 5000 (120 capsules) - Supplies a potent 5000 IU of a highly absorbable form of vitamin D. In addition to its classic effects on bone density and skeletal strength, vitamin D can modulate the innate and adaptive immune responses and promote a well-functioning immune system. 

Zinc (90 capsules) - Supplies essential trace mineral in a gentle and highly absorbable, amino acid chelate form. Zinc is known to affect multiple aspects of the immune system, including balancing immune response and protecting against a variety of pathogens.

Supplement Facts

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value**

Suggested Use

Recommended use for these dietary supplements is shown below, or use as directed by your healthcare practitioner. Vitamin C 1000: Take 1 tablet with breakfast or lunch. Zinc Glycinate: Take 1 capsule with breakfast or lunch. Vitamin D3 5000: Take 1 capsule with evening meal.


See individual product pages for warnings.

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