Patient OneĀ® MediNutritionals Announces its Natural Partners Exclusive

Farmingdale, New York (June 1, 2015) – MediNutritionals Research LLC announced that it has selected Natural Partners, Inc. to be the exclusive distributor of its Patient One MediNutritionals product line. 
This partnership provides added convenience for healthcare practitioners who may also wish to order through the customer service team or online store at Natural Partners. 
Patient One President Gerard McIntee stated, ”We are very excited about this new relationship which will broaden our distribution, making Patient One’s products available to many more healthcare professionals and their patients.” McIntee added, “As an introductory courtesy, for a limited time Natural Partners is offering 10% savings on a Practitioner’s first Patient One order placed with Natural Partners.”
For the past 20 years, Natural Partners has been providing a convenient way for healthcare practitioners to purchase high quality, professional brand natural supplements all in one place. Their customers include naturopathic, medical and chiropractic doctors, nutritionists, licensed acupuncturists, and integrative practitioners, along with their patients.
Patient One’s diverse range of medinutritional formulas feature today’s most advanced ingredients supported by clinical data. Patient One products span categories including Cardiovascular Support, Immune Support, Digestive Support, Bone and Joint Support, Cognitive Support, Endocrine Support, Healthy Aging, Detox and Weight Management, Emotional Wellness, Men’s  & Women’s Health, Eye Care and more.  

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