Meet your Account Liaisons

Michaela D'Onofrio has over 15 years of nutritional industry experience working with health professionals. Her passion for this industry started at a young age as she learned the benefits of good nutrition and an active lifestyle. Intellectual curiosity led her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. In her free time, Michaela loves keeping active. You can usually find her at the gym, taking a CrossFit class or on her snowboard riding the glades and fresh powder.

Michaela services practitioners in the southern region. Contact Michaela at or (631) 390-9669 x406

Michaela’s Favorites:

  1. Cartilage Care: I've been dealing with shoulder discomfort for a few years and was taking multiple joint support supplements. When I replaced those products with Cartilage Care I noticed a huge difference in how my shoulder felt in everyday life and after my workouts. With UC-II® undenatured type-II collagen complex, MSM and Turmeric all in a one-capsule-daily dose, it is no wonder I have less discomfort and my shoulder feels great!
  2. Saffro-Calm Plus: One of the most unique Patient One offerings, Saffro-Calm Plus oral spray contains affron® saffron and echinacea angustifolia for natural stress and mood support. While most people don’t associate echinacea with mood support, the extract contains alkamides --  compounds that show structural similarity with the “bliss molecule” anandamide known for its role in producing feelings of happiness. We could all use a product to help deal with occasional stress and the spray format is so easy and convenient.
  3. Marine Collagen: Patient One’s Marine Collagen contains types I, II, & III collagen, plus supporting ingredients to promote synthesis of collagen. This is something you don't usually find with most marine collagen formulas -- typically these formulas contain only types I & III collagen. This Marine Collagen shakes up well and does not have a strong taste so compliance is easy. This product has become a staple in my routine and my hair, skin, and joints have all been very happy!


Alyssa Bowne joined the Patient One team in 2019, after working in retail for 10+ years. Originally a Customer Service Manager, Alyssa quickly realized her passion for the holistic health world and working with health practitioners to find the right formulas for their patients. She began training to become an account liaison in 2021 and continues to participate in various nutrition-related trainings and webinars.

Alyssa works with Michaela and Steve to provide additional sales and administrative support to practitioners. Contact Alyssa at or (631) 390-9669(631) 390-9669 x403

Alyssa’s Favorites:

  1. Congest-Blaster: This fast-acting oral spray is my go-to immune-boosting supplement. Congest-Blaster helps to clear the sinus and nasal passages and I can feel the difference within seconds. It contains a potent blend of immune-supporting herbal extracts like echinacea, andrographis, elderberry and peppermint. I love the convenience of keeping it in my bag and using it anytime I need.
  2. GastroOne™: Digestive problems are very common, affecting about 1 in 5 Americans. So it is not surprising that GastroOne is a top selling formula and a personal favorite of mine. It helps with various GI issues that many experience and soothes digestive discomfort. This comprehensive gut health formula has a nice orange flavor and can be mixed into any beverage.
  3. Primary Care Women's Daily: With so many multivitamins available in the market, it can be overwhelming to pick the “right” one. The big difference in this multivitamin is fermentation, which breaks down nutrients so they are pre-digested and ready for the body to absorb. Primary Care Women’s Daily packs over 20 vitamins and minerals, plus botanical blends to support balanced hormones, stress and energy, and immunity into a single tablet.
Steve Kochakian

Steve Kochakian has been working in the natural products industry and expanding his knowledge of human nutrition since 2012. After receiving a nutrition certification from American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA), he began working with practitioners and patients alike to help them optimize health outcomes utilizing various research-based holistic nutrition concepts. Steve continues to help family and friends with nutritional advice and nutraceutical recommendations designed to elevate wellness and address common health challenges.

Steve services practitioners in the northern region. Contact Steve at or (631) 390-9669 x 408

Steve’s Favorites:

  1. Pycnogenol OPC Complex: This all-in-one formula provides multifaceted support for cardiovascular health, inflammatory response, anti-aging, joint mobility, protection from oxidative damage and much more, thanks to its potent antioxidants and powerful bioflavonoids. With 100mg Pycnogenol® (from French Maritime pine bark extract) and a complex of other key bioflavonoid antioxidants, this formula is a staple for me and can benefit most everyone!
  2. NeuroOne: Patient One's NeuroOne contains multiple researched ingredients that promote healthy focus, memory, clarity and brain energy. The combination of acetyl-L-carnitine, citocholine, bacopa, ginkgo biloba and the Botanical Neuro Complex make this formula really stand out.
  3. Flora Maintenance: This formula contains both prebiotics and probiotics for optimal benefits. With 10 different strains and 25 billion CFUs, it's great for daily support. Being shelf stable is an added bonus. I take it to strengthen immune and digestive system health.