About Patient One™


Patient One's premier line of MediNutritionals are available through healthcare professionals. Our nutritional supplement formulas are designed to optimize your patients’ health and support you in providing the highest level of integrative care for your patients.

A Shared Mission of Patient Wellness

It’s in the very name of Patient One: Your patients come first. We know that you rely on us to deliver high quality nutritional supplements that provide effective support for your patients’ overall wellness. Our patient-centric approach starts with research-driven product development and meticulous ingredient sourcing, and continues with stringent manufacturing and quality control procedures. Everything we do is designed to earn your trust and help your patients achieve their health goals.

What are “MediNutritionals?” 

A term coined by MediNutritionals Research President and nutritional supplement industry veteran Gerard McIntee, “MediNutritionals” describes the category of high quality, carefully formulated nutritional supplements offered through medical and other qualified healthcare professionals.
"Recognizing that quality can vary greatly from product to product and brand to brand, today's patients seek their practitioners’ guidance in selecting high caliber supplements to help them achieve maximum wellness benefits," notes McIntee. "What’s more, when choosing supplements, patients desire coordinated care through their healthcare professional that takes into account their individual health goals and concerns." 
MediNutritionals Research is the parent company of the health practitioner brand Patient One.

Why Practitioners Choose Us

As a healthcare professional, you can recommend Patient One™ MediNutritionals with complete confidence. Our supplements are carefully developed and extensively tested through all facets of manufacturing--from raw materials through finished products. We value our reputation for high quality, and we know that you will too.


Carefully Designed Formulas

  • Product development is centered on research-supported ingredients
  • Nutrient form selection is focused on maximizing stability, bioavailability and absorption
  • Care is taken to avoid unnecessary additives and many common allergens
  • Our multi-function blends simplify compliance for your patients



Full Disclosure Labeling 

  • Labels list all ingredients, including the composition of the raw material
  • Standardizations of herbal extracts are provided to indicate primary active compounds or markers
  • Vitamins and minerals are listed by true elemental weight

Nine allergenic foods are believed to be responsible for 90% of food allergic reactions: milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans and sesame. We take care to avoid common food allergens wherever possible to make our supplements suitable for sensitive patients. When these occasionally appear in our formulas, they are noted on our labels. We also strive to avoid yeast-derived ingredients. Look for the GLUTEN FREE and VEGETARIAN symbols as you view our products to easily identify a product's status.


Testing and Quality Control From Start to Finish

Patient One starts with raw materials sourced from carefully vetted, reputable suppliers. All raw materials are quarantined upon receipt for testing prior to manufacture. Ingredients are tested for identity as well as to confirm that the raw materials are potent and free of contaminants. Quality Assurance continues once raw materials are approved for manufacture. Dozens of in-process checks are performed and documented as our supplements are produced.

Patient One's finished supplements are analyzed again to ensure quality control. Laboratory assays are conducted that certify that each supplement contains the ingredients and potencies that are listed on the label.

Each piece of manufacturing equipment is dismantled and sterilized before every production run. All manufacturing takes place in temperature, humidity and dust controlled rooms. Our warehouse is climate controlled in order to maximize the stability of our raw materials and finished products.

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Manufacturing Excellence

Patient One products are manufactured in a facility that meets all NSF International standards, United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) as set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Our facility is audited by the FDA, including unannounced inspections, as well as verified by third-party organizations to ensure ongoing compliance with a variety of rigorous requirements and quality standards.



Quality and Trust: The Bottom Line on Why Doctors Choose Patient One

To promote patient health, you need to have confidence in the quality of the supplements you recommend. With Patient One, you can proudly stand behind our formulas. 

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