Patient OneĀ® Introduces Two New Eye Care Formulas

Farmingdale, New York (March 2014) – MediNutritionals Research LLC has expanded its eye care support offerings, adding two new formulas to the Patient One MediNutritionals line of science-based dietary supplements, available exclusively through healthcare professionals.


“We’ve seen a gap in eye care offerings available through healthcare practitioner lines,” noted MediNutritionals Research President Gerard McIntee. “Dry eye is among the most frequent complaints in a general ophthalmic practice, with approximately 1 in 4 patients reporting symptoms, so clearly there is a need here.” “And,” he adds, “according to the CDC, glaucoma accounts for over 10 million visits to physicians each year. Our new eye care formulas were created in conjunction with ophthalmologists and are based on nutrients shown in clinical research to provide support in these areas.”*

OpticOne™ Vision Support Formula supplies comprehensive support for optic nerve health and optimal eyesight function. OpticOne combines over 15 synergistic natural ingredients known for their beneficial effect on eye health, including regulating ocular fluid and blood flow and promoting reduced intraocular pressure.* This formula contains Vitamins A, C & E; magnesium; Alpha Lipoic Acid; Ginko biloba; Grapeseed extract; Bilberry extract; Quercetin; L-Taurine, CoQ10; N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC), Flaxseed bran; as well as folate, selenium, chromium B-12, and lutein.

OpticOne allows for increased intake of specific ocular antioxidants that promote a healthy retina, lens, and optimal eyesight function.*

Dry Eye Care with Ocular Lubricant Blend provides natural support to soothe the discomfort of dry eye syndrome. Designed for those who suffer from dry, burning, itchy, irritated eyes or have had previous eye surgery, wear contact lenses or spend prolonged time in front of a computer screen or TV, Dry Eye Care is a comprehensive formula of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants shown to restore normal tear production and protective tear film. It contains: Vitamins A, C & E; zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, flax seed oil, black currant oil and borage oil.*

These new products expand upon Patient One’s diverse range of medinutritional formulas that feature today’s most advanced ingredients supported by extensive clinical data. Patient One products span categories including Cardiovascular Support, Immune Support, Digestive Support, Bone and Joint Support, Cognitive Support, Endocrine Support, Healthy Aging, Detox and Weight Management, Emotional Wellness, Men’s & Women’s Health, Eye Care and more.